Bobcat News

August, 2018
Beachwood Elementary School, JBLM, Washington
Clover Park School District #400
Paula Gayson, Principal (253) 583-5260 [email protected]

Welcome to what is going to be an AWESOME year at Beachwood!

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School Hours:
Doors open at 8am for breakfast.
(students should NOT arrive at school before 8:00am)
Breakfast is served from 8-8:15am.
Teachers pick kids up in the gym starting at 8:20am.
Class begins at 8:30am.
Students are dismissed at 3:00pm
On Half Days, students are dismissed at 12:00pm
Class Assignments:
Currently our enrollment numbers are a bit unstable.  All students have been assigned to a classroom, but please know there may be some shifting that occurs after we get started.  With the number of families PCSing in and out we never truly know our numbers until school starts.  We will do our best to balance classes as quickly as possible.
New Faces:
We’ve got several new staff members
this year. Be sure to say hello and welcome
them to Beachwood:
Mrs. Ruff – 2nd Grade
Mrs. Brown - SPED
Mrs. Haas – 5th Grade
Mrs. Boisen– 4th Grade
Mrs. Hurley - Kindergarten
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A few important dates to know:
Meet and Greet – Aug. 28, 3-5pm
First Day of School  (1-5) – Aug. 29
Labor Day – Sept. 3 – NO SCHOOL
Kindergarten First Day – Sept. 4
All School Observance of 9/11 (8:30am) – Sept. 11
Late Start *– Sept. 19
Late Start *– Sept. 26
PTA Book Fair – Oct. 1-5
School Pictures – Oct. 11
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*Late Start Wednesday’s – Breakfast served from
9-9:15am.  Class begins at 9:30am.


We LOVE volunteers! Please let us know in the office or tell your student’s teacher if you are willing to volunteer at school. There are lots of ways to help and some don’t take much time or can even be done at home.
Please take some time and read through the information on both sides of this bulletin. There is important information about how we start and end our day on the back page.
Our Vision is to become lifelong learners and engaged global citizens.
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Walk this way...

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Morning Routines:

There is a parent drop-off and pick-up loop just past the main parking lot as you drive into the school.  This is to be used in the morning for dropping kids off and in the afternoon for picking up students.  You may not leave your car parked and unattended in this area.  In the morning after being dropped off, students are to walk along the fence and into the main entrance of the building. 

Breakfast is free to students and is served from 8am  to 8:15am in our cafeteria.  Students who are eating breakfast with us must arrive and be in line to get their food by 8:10am.  After eating, students will go to the gym where they will line up by teacher name.  Their teacher will pick them up at about 8:20am and walk them to class.

Students coming to us from the daycare will be walked over.  These students will go directly to the cafeteria to eat breakfast or go to the gym if they have already eaten. Students will sit in their lines and wait for their teacher to pick up them up.

Parents may use the parking lot when needing to come into the building.  For safety reasons, please do not use the parking lot as a drop off or pick up area in the morning and afternoon.

After school Routines:

The daycare staff will pick up their students from us at the end of the day and walk them to the center.

Students who walk or ride a bike home will be dismissed through the side doors facing American Lake BLVD.  They are to walk on the sidewalks, use the crosswalks and go directly home.  Bikes are not allowed to be used on school grounds.  Students must walk them off school grounds and walk them across the crosswalks. Bike helmets are required on JBLM.

Students (1st through 5th) who are being picked up by a parent will be walked to the pick-up loop where they will wait until they can safely get in the car.  Please be patient in the loop and be extra vigilant when stopping and going as students will be loading in the area.

Students (1st through 5th) who are meeting a parent to walk home will wait outside near the main entrance of the building for their parent to get them.

Kindergarten students must be picked up at the kindergarten playground near the exterior classroom doors.  Kindergarten teachers will not release students without seeing a parent in person.  Parents may park along Concord and come in through the gate to the playground area  to pick up their student.